Rancangan Web Service Toko Online Mutiara Custom Singkawang

Rizky Nursazvian, Rusmanto Lianto


The Mutiara Custom is a shop engaged in selling clothes online. The problem discussed is the less optimal work system before this development process and for the sake of optimization it is built an online store system as needed which is equipped with a web service system specifically built for the owner of the online shop according to needs. The research method used is Reserach and Development. The data collection techniques that the author uses in this study by conducting interviews with Mutiara Custom Singkawang  owners in order to obtain relevant direct information from trusted sources, documentation studies are carried out to obtain theories related to research, add supporting theories and possibilities assumptions used, observation and data collection is done to obtain information about the existing system description and obtain the data needed. The application design method uses Extreme Programming and the system design process uses the PHP and MySQL programming languages as a database and XAMPP program to run application programs, the Apache program as a web server and the software testing method used is testing Blackbox Testing. In this system, web service and web shop online are integrated with each other, because the transaction information retrieval process is taken on the online web store, so every income and expenditure transaction on the online web store will also enter the owner's web service page, so the owner only needs to enter the web service page to find out the development of the online store without having to enter the online store's web page again.


Web Service; PHP; MySQL; Extreme Programming; Black-box Testing

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30700/.v2i1.838

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