Perancangan Perangkat Lunak Antar Jemput Fresh Laundry

Rini Wulandari, Widyasari Widyasari


Fresh laundry is a company engaged in the field of laundry services to provide services to its customers in the form of shuttle services. In practice there are obstacles faced by Fresh Laundry, namely fresh laundry has many customers so it takes longer to reply to requests from customers then the customers also have to wait for whatshap replies other than the data that is not neatly arranged is still mixed and piled up is difficult to distinguish which chat orders who asks for laundry items that are delivered and picked up. The design process of this software uses PHP programming language, while the database in this software uses MySQL. System design method uses Rapid Application Development (RAD) which consists of 4 stages, namely, planning phase, design phase, construction phase and implementation phase. Modeling design modeling tools used are UML (Unified Modeling Language) for software testing using black box testing testing methods. The end result is a design of the Fresh Laundry Shuttle Software.


software; shuttle; Rapid Application Development

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