Sistem Informasi Geografis Pemetaan Rumah Sakit di Kota Pontianak Berbasis Web

Muhammad Ridwan Maulana, Hendra Kurniawan


The availability of information that is very limited to the location of hospitals in Pontianak City causes people to tend not to have accurate and relevant information so that they do not know which hospital location is close to where they live. This is very important because to anticipate things that are not desirable. The purpose of this study was to produce a web-based hospital geographic information mapping software system so that the availability of a clear geographical picture of the state and spread of hospitals in Pontianak City. The form of research used in this study is literature and survey studies, the authors' research variables are the distribution of hospitals in the city of Pontianak and the coordinates of the location of the hospital. The design method used is Rapid Application Development (RAD). For the description of the system modeling using use case, sequence, component and class diagram. While the development of the system uses the PHP programming language, MySQL as the database. The results of this software are in the form of a website that will display information on the location of the hospital on a digital map using Google Map API technology. This software is expected to help the community in finding information on the location of hospitals in Pontianak City


Hospital; Geographic Information System; Rapid Application Development; Google Map API;

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